6 Ways You’re Unknowingly or Accidentally Inviting Bugs into Your Home

Nobody purposefully invites bugs into their home, but most people are doing at least one of these six ways – if not all of them. If you have pests like ants or termites Mission Viejo, it isn’t too late to change these common mistakes. Altering these will ensure you take the steps necessary to prevent bugs from getting inside.

1: Improper food storage: this is a big attractor for ants, roaches, and mice especially. Food should always be stored away in the fridge or cabinet, and anything sweet should be stored in an airtight container.

2: Leaving wood laying around your property: that is rotted, fallen, or broken on the ground.  This is a big reason you get termites Mission Viejo and can also attract other types of bugs. Make sure you clean up any wood or piles of leaves around your yard.

3: Spills and crumbs: which are not immediately cleaned up attracts bugs. What seems almost nothing to you is an absolute feast for bugs. You need to clean these up as soon as they happen.

4: Using white lights outside your home at night: which attracts a lot of bugs to your front (and back) door. Moths and beetles especially love these lights. Use yellow lighting instead, which is not as attractive to these pests.

5: Water inside: such as leaks in plumbing around the toilet, under the sink, or in the walls. Even the smallest leak can lead to significant dampness. Not only does this attract roaches, termites, and other pests, but it can also lead to mold or mildew growth.

termites Mission Viejo

6: Standing water outdoors: can lead to an issue with mosquitos and flies. Always ensure there is no preventable standing water, such as what can accumulate in trash cans, bins, large holes, etc.

Although most people make these common mistakes, it is never too late to change them. If they have already led to a bug infestation, you will need to get the problem under control after carefully taking care of these common mistakes. Once you do that, you should be able to keep bugs from your home and property.